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Monday 4 March 2024, UKT
Thailand, Premier League
11:30 Trat FC - Ratchaburi FC2.6601.48-0.510.32
 Trat FC - Ratchaburi FC2.200.251.751.642.252.19
 Trat FC - Ratchaburi FC1.870.52.031.892.52.04
 Trat FC - Ratchaburi FC1.610.752.262.182.751.71
Friday 8 March 2024, UKT
12:00 Prachuap FC - Police Tero1.2803.65---
 Prachuap FC - Police Tero1.440.252.77---
 Prachuap FC - Police Tero1.610.52.331.191.54.54
 Prachuap FC - Police Tero1.770.752.091.602.52.31
 Prachuap FC - Police Tero2.0411.821.752.752.09
 Prachuap FC - Police Tero2.351.251.631.9931.84
 Prachuap FC - Police Tero2.651.51.482.263.251.65
 Prachuap FC - Police Tero3.191.751.342.523.51.52
 Prachuap FC - Police Tero4.2721.224.404.51.20
Saturday 9 March 2024, UKT
11:00 Chiangrai United - Bangkok United4.7601.19---
 Chiangrai United - Bangkok United3.190.251.351.321.53.28
 Chiangrai United - Bangkok United2.540.51.521.5022.57
 Chiangrai United - Bangkok United2.220.751.671.722.252.13
 Chiangrai United - Bangkok United1.9011.941.962.51.86
 Chiangrai United - Bangkok United1.661.
 Chiangrai United - Bangkok United1.511.52.572.6731.47
 Chiangrai United - Bangkok United1.361.753.113.303.51.32
 Chiangrai United - Bangkok United1.2224.226.444.51.11
13:00 Port FC - Uthai Thani1.370.
 Port FC - Uthai Thani1.450.752.781.432.52.85
 Port FC - Uthai Thani1.5712.451.522.752.57
 Port FC - Uthai Thani1.801.252.051.6532.27
 Port FC - Uthai Thani2.021.51.811.863.251.94
 Port FC - Uthai Thani2.321.751.632.093.51.76
 Port FC - Uthai Thani2.8321.452.383.751.59
 Port FC - Uthai Thani3.162.251.373.484.51.31
 Port FC - Uthai Thani3.502.51.316.375.51.12