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Saturday 9 March 2024, UKT
Spain, Primera Woman
11:00 UDG Tenerife - Villarreal CF1.1904.68---
 UDG Tenerife - Villarreal CF1.330.253.28---
 UDG Tenerife - Villarreal CF1.480.52.661.171.54.80
 UDG Tenerife - Villarreal CF1.600.752.351.562.52.40
 UDG Tenerife - Villarreal CF1.7812.051.692.752.15
 UDG Tenerife - Villarreal CF2.051.251.781.9031.90
 UDG Tenerife - Villarreal CF2.311.51.612.153.251.69
 UDG Tenerife - Villarreal CF2.721.751.452.403.51.56
 UDG Tenerife - Villarreal CF3.4821.304.174.51.22
13:00 Levante Las Planas FC - Granada CF1.4302.73---
 Levante Las Planas FC - Granada CF1.710.252.111.311.53.20
 Levante Las Planas FC - Granada CF1.320.253.191.4822.54
 Levante Las Planas FC - Granada CF1.260.53.651.692.252.09
 Levante Las Planas FC - Granada CF1.990.51.831.942.51.86
 Levante Las Planas FC - Granada CF2.280.751.602.152.751.65
 Levante Las Planas FC - Granada CF2.9011.392.5631.47
 Levante Las Planas FC - Granada CF3.311.251.303.143.51.32
 Levante Las Planas FC - Granada CF3.711.51.255.824.51.11
15:30 Madrid CCF - SD Eibar (W)1.2513.651.121.55.54
 Madrid CCF - SD Eibar (W)1.411.252.751.392.52.76
 Madrid CCF - SD Eibar (W)1.571.52.311.482.752.50
 Madrid CCF - SD Eibar (W)1.711.752.071.6132.21
 Madrid CCF - SD Eibar (W)1.9821.841.853.251.94
 Madrid CCF - SD Eibar (W)
 Madrid CCF - SD Eibar (W)2.492.51.502.313.751.56
 Madrid CCF - SD Eibar (W)2.942.751.363.344.51.28
 Madrid CCF - SD Eibar (W)3.7731.245.885.51.10
17:30 Sevilla FC - Real Madrid3.9401.23---
 Sevilla FC - Real Madrid2.880.251.38---
 Sevilla FC - Real Madrid2.380.51.551.171.54.56
 Sevilla FC - Real Madrid2.120.751.691.562.52.32
 Sevilla FC - Real Madrid1.8711.961.702.752.09
 Sevilla FC - Real Madrid1.631.252.211.9331.86
 Sevilla FC - Real Madrid1.511.52.492.163.251.65
 Sevilla FC - Real Madrid1.361.752.962.413.51.53
 Sevilla FC - Real Madrid1.2323.874.174.51.20
Sunday 10 March 2024, UKT
11:00 Levante UD - Athletic Bilbao (W)
 Levante UD - Athletic Bilbao (W)1.410.52.951.281.53.65
 Levante UD - Athletic Bilbao (W)1.520.752.591.4322.85
 Levante UD - Athletic Bilbao (W)1.6812.221.662.252.25
 Levante UD - Athletic Bilbao (W)1.961.251.861.872.51.96
 Levante UD - Athletic Bilbao (W)
 Levante UD - Athletic Bilbao (W)2.681.751.492.5431.53
 Levante UD - Athletic Bilbao (W)3.4721.323.193.51.35
 Levante UD - Athletic Bilbao (W)3.912.
13:00 Real Sociedad (W) - Barcelona (W)
 Real Sociedad (W) - Barcelona (W)1.883.751.901.884.751.89
15:00 Valencia CF - Real Betis Seville1.3103.25---
 Valencia CF - Real Betis Seville1.520.252.461.201.54.18
 Valencia CF - Real Betis Seville1.250.253.721.482.252.55
 Valencia CF - Real Betis Seville1.720.52.081.662.52.14
 Valencia CF - Real Betis Seville1.960.751.871.852.751.95
 Valencia CF - Real Betis Seville2.2811.592.0831.69
 Valencia CF - Real Betis Seville2.621.251.462.363.251.55
 Valencia CF - Real Betis Seville2.931.51.372.613.51.45
 Valencia CF - Real Betis Seville3.601.751.264.604.51.17
17:00 Atletico Madrid - Sporting de Huelva1.311.53.371.131.55.70
 Atletico Madrid - Sporting de Huelva1.371.753.001.422.52.78
 Atletico Madrid - Sporting de Huelva1.4822.631.512.752.51
 Atletico Madrid - Sporting de Huelva1.702.252.141.6532.21
 Atletico Madrid - Sporting de Huelva1.932.51.891.883.251.91
 Atletico Madrid - Sporting de Huelva2.182.751.692.093.51.72
 Atletico Madrid - Sporting de Huelva2.6431.482.393.751.56
 Atletico Madrid - Sporting de Huelva2.963.251.383.534.51.28
 Atletico Madrid - Sporting de Huelva3.293.51.326.475.51.10