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Tuesday 27 February 2024, UKT
International, UEFA Nations League Women
13:00 Ukraine (W) - Bulgaria (W)1.752.52.031.753.252.03
 Ukraine (W) - Bulgaria (W)1.962.751.922.173.51.91
14:30 Iceland (W) - Serbia (W)1.670.52.17---
 Iceland (W) - Serbia (W)1.920.751.951.702.252.11
 Iceland (W) - Serbia (W)2.2211.621.982.51.85
17:00 Norway (W) - Croatia (W)1.763.752.111.874.252.02
 Norway (W) - Croatia (W)1.9341.911.974.51.90
 Norway (W) - Croatia (W)---2.074.751.73
 Slovakia (W) - Latvia (W)1.7132.071.7542.03
 Slovakia (W) - Latvia (W)
19:00 Belgium (W) - Hungary (W)1.7922.031.913.51.95
 Belgium (W) - Hungary (W)
 Northern Ireland (W) - Montenegro (W)1.7022.081.953.251.87
 Northern Ireland (W) - Montenegro (W)
Wednesday 28 February 2024, UKT
17:30 Sweden - Bosnia & Herzegovina2.113.751.661.864.251.90
18:00 Spain (W) - France (W)1.900.751.902.002.751.80
19:45 Netherlands (W) - Germany (W)