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Thursday 9 July 2020, UKT
E-Soccer E-Soccer, Liga Pro
13:30 Kazan (RUB) Esports - Inactivetv (INA) Esports1.821.251.881.823.51.88
 Kazan (RUB) Esports - Inactivetv (INA) Esports2.001.51.701.993.751.71
13:55 Nyancat (NFC) Esports - FC Dimonchello (DNK) Esports1.801.251.901.803.51.90
 Nyancat (NFC) Esports - FC Dimonchello (DNK) Esports1.981.51.721.993.751.71
14:20 Kazan (RUB) Esports - Forze (FRZ) Esports1.700.252.001.703.52.00
 Kazan (RUB) Esports - Forze (FRZ) Esports1.900.51.801.883.751.82
14:45 Inactivetv (INA) Esports - FC Dimonchello (DNK) Esports1.990.251.711.853.51.85
 Inactivetv (INA) Esports - FC Dimonchello (DNK) Esports1.800.51.902.043.751.66
15:10 FRZ Forze - NFCNyancat FC2.000.251.701.803.251.90
 FRZ Forze - NFCNyancat FC1.800.51.902.003.51.70
15:35 FC Dimonchello (DNK) Esports - Kazan (RUB) Esports2.010.751.691.853.51.85
 FC Dimonchello (DNK) Esports - Kazan (RUB) Esports1.8011.902.033.751.67
16:00 Forze (FRZ) Esports - Inactivetv (INA) Esports1.8011.901.763.51.94
 Forze (FRZ) Esports - Inactivetv (INA) Esports2.011.251.691.953.751.75
16:25 Nyancat (NFC) Esports - Kazan (RUB) Esports1.720.251.981.783.251.92
 Nyancat (NFC) Esports - Kazan (RUB) Esports1.920.51.781.983.51.72
16:50 Inactivetv (INA) Esports - Nyancat (NFC) Esports2.0111.691.873.251.83
 Inactivetv (INA) Esports - Nyancat (NFC) Esports1.791.251.911.933.51.77
17:15 FC Dimonchello (DNK) Esports - Forze (FRZ) Esports1.900.51.801.683.52.02
 FC Dimonchello (DNK) Esports - Forze (FRZ) Esports1.720.751.981.843.751.86