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Thursday 1 October 2020, UKT
E-Soccer, Liga Pro
15:10 Dages CF (DAG) Esports - WestCoastUTD (WCU) Esports1.780.751.931.803.751.90
15:35 Ez1d (EZ1) Esports - Vega Squadron (VEG) Esports1.8001.901.883.751.83
16:00 Dages CF (DAG) Esports - Shemyakin Onze (PSG) Esports1.800.51.901.803.251.90
16:25 WestCoastUTD (WCU) Esports - Vega Squadron (VEG) Esports1.7801.931.803.251.90
16:50 Shemyakin Onze (PSG) Esports - WestCoastUTD (WCU) Esports1.940.751.831.9341.90
17:15 Ez1d (EZ1) Esports - Dages CF (DAG) Esports1.830.751.881.883.51.83