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Sunday 12 July 2020, UKT
E-Soccer FIFA Battle E-Soccer FIFA Battle, Euro 2020
11:00 Portugal (Dm1trena) Esports - France (white_boy1927)1.7901.911.902.251.80
11:12 Germany (Foggy) - Portugal (dm1trena)1.9401.761.752.251.95
11:24 Spain (slezaintima) - France (white_boy1927)1.9001.801.952.251.75
11:36 Germany (Foggy) - Spain (slezaintima)1.9001.801.902.251.80
11:48 France (white_boy1927) - Germany (Foggy)1.750.251.951.752.251.95
 Spain (slezaintima) - Portugal (dm1trena)1.9401.761.902.251.80