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Saturday 30 May 2020, UKT
E-Soccer FIFA Battle E-Soccer FIFA Battle, England, Premier League
19:00 Liverpool (vrico) - Tottenham Hotspur (SKROMNUY)2.712.622.87--2
 Manchester City (Boulevard_Prospect) - Manchester United (laikingdast)2.702.513.00--2
19:24 Arsenal Fc (arcos) - Tottenham Hotspur (skromnuy)2.562.742.91--2
 Manchester City (Boulevard_Prospect) - Liverpool Fc (vrico)2.482.433.50--2
19:36 Liverpool (vrico) - Arsenal Fc (arcos)3.552.642.26--2
 Tottenham (Skromnuy) - Man United (LaikingDast)4.652.871.86--2
19:48 Arsenal Fc (arcos) - Manchester City (Boulevard_Prospect)2.712.622.87--2
 Manchester United (Laikingdast) - Liverpool (vrico)2.662.383.30--2
20:00 Manchester United (Laikingdast) - ManCity (Boulevard_Prospect)3.002.512.70--2
 Tottenham Hotspur (SKROMNUY) - Liverpool (vrico)2.712.622.87--2
20:12 Arsenal Fc (arcos) - Manchester United (laikingdast)2.602.842.76--2
 Manchester City (BOULEVARD_PROSPECT) - Tottenham Hotspur (SKROMNUY)2.452.503.40--2
20:36 Arsenal Fc (arcos) - Liverpool (vrico)2.262.643.55--2
 Manchester United (LAIKINGDAST) - Tottenham Hotspur (SKROMNUY)1.852.894.65--2
20:24 Liverpool Fc (vrico) - Manchester City (Boulevard_Prospect)3.502.432.48--2
 Tottenham Hotspur (skromnuy) - Arsenal Fc (arcos)2.912.742.56--2
20:48 Liverpool (vrico) - Manchester United (LAIKINGDAST)3.302.382.66--2
 ManCity (Boulevard_Prospect) - Arsenal FC (Arcos)2.712.622.87--2
19:12 Manchester United (LAIKINGDAST) - Arsenal FC (ARCOS)2.602.842.76--2
 Tottenham Hotspur (Skromnuy) - ManCity (Boulevard_Prospect)3.402.502.45--2