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Saturday 30 May 2020, UKT
E-Soccer FIFA Battle E-Soccer FIFA Battle, Champions League
14:30 Liverpool (Vetalmon) - Real Madrid (DangerDim77)2.402.803.452.551.494
 Manchester City (orlovsky1) - PSG (slezaintima)2.652.663.602.051.754
14:42 PSG (slezaintima) - Barcelona (Foggy)2.852.802.853.051.365
 Real Madrid (DangerDim77) - Manchester City (orlovsky1)3.553.152.00--1
14:54 Barcelona (Foggy) - Real Madrid (DangerDim77)2.352.803.352.451.544
 Manchester City (orlovsky1) - Liverpool (Vetalmon)2.552.803.202.501.534
15:06 Liverpool (Vetalmon) - Barcelona (Foggy)2.602.553.503.151.355
 Real Madrid (DangerDim77) - PSG (slezaintima)2.752.702.892.201.664
15:18 Barcelona (Foggy) - Manchester City (orlovsky1)3.202.902.552.301.604
 PSG (slezaintima) - Liverpool (Vetalmon)3.302.602.853.101.385
15:30 PSG (slezaintima) - Manchester City (orlovsky1)3.602.602.652.051.754
 Real Madrid (DangerDim77) - Liverpool (Vetalmon)3.502.802.402.551.494
15:42 Barcelona (Foggy) - PSG (slezaintima)2.852.802.883.051.365
 Manchester City (orlovsky1) - Real Madrid (DangerDim77)
15:54 Liverpool (Vetalmon) - Manchester City (orlovsky1)3.202.802.552.501.534
 Real Madrid (DangerDim77) - Barcelona (Foggy)3.352.802.352.451.544
16:06 Barcelona (Foggy) - Liverpool (Vetalmon)3.502.602.603.151.355
 PSG (slezaintima) - Real Madrid (DangerDim77)3.052.603.052.201.665
16:18 Liverpool (Vetalmon) - PSG (slezaintima)2.852.603.303.101.385
 Manchester City (orlovsky1) - Barcelona (Foggy)2.552.803.202.301.604