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Friday 30 October 2020, UKT
E-Soccer, Football, PES Latino Series. Argentina. Superliga
21:00 Racing (ARG) (FEL_JERO) - San Lorenzo (DRE_S)2.313.912.321.213.991
 River Plate (F_BRUNO) - Boca Juniors (AU_GUSTO)2.873.981.921.105.731
21:20 CA Estudiantes (LUIS_F) - Newells Old Boys (VINICAI_)2.783.961.971.164.661
 Independiente (DDANIEL) - Boca Juniors (AU_GUSTO)2.694.151.971.164.661
21:40 Boca Juniors (AU_GUSTO) - Racing (ARG) (FEL_JERO)1.434.564.921.213.991
 Newells Old Boys (VINICAI_) - River Plate (F_BRUNO)6.225.491.291.164.661
22:00 Rosario Central (CASSIANO_F) - CA Estudiantes (LUIS_F)1.384.875.201.184.361
 San Lorenzo (DRE_S) - Independiente (DDANIEL)3.374.101.731.313.171
22:20 Independiente (DDANIEL) - Rosario Central (CASSIANO_F)2.483.922.161.313.171
 Racing (ARG) (FEL_JERO) - River Plate (F_BRUNO)
22:40 CA Estudiantes (LUIS_F) - San Lorenzo (DRE_S)3.534.151.681.164.661
 Rosario Central (CASSIANO_F) - Newells Old Boys (VINICAI_)1.534.534.061.164.661
23:00 Boca Juniors (AU_GUSTO) - CA Estudiantes (LUIS_F)1.098.6511.231.105.731
 River Plate (F_BRUNO) - Independiente (DDANIEL)
23:20 Racing (ARG) (FEL_JERO) - Newells Old Boys (VINICAI_)2.313.912.321.125.241
 San Lorenzo (DRE_S) - Rosario Central (CASSIANO_F)4.935.131.381.313.171
23:40 CA Estudiantes (LUIS_F) - River Plate (F_BRUNO)5.485.291.341.105.731
 Rosario Central (CASSIANO_F) - Boca Juniors (AU_GUSTO)2.263.912.371.412.701
Saturday 31 October 2020, UKT
00:20 Boca Juniors (AU_GUSTO) - San Lorenzo (DRE_S)1.345.295.481.213.991
 River Plate (F_BRUNO) - Rosario Central (CASSIANO_F)2.313.912.321.164.661
00:40 Racing (ARG) (FEL_JERO) - CA Estudiantes (LUIS_F)2.313.912.321.213.991
 San Lorenzo (DRE_S) - Newells Old Boys (VINICAI_)1.923.982.871.213.991
01:00 Newells Old Boys (VINICAI_) - Independiente (DDANIEL)4.224.351.531.213.991
 San Lorenzo (DRE_S) - River Plate (F_BRUNO)
01:20 CA Estudiantes (LUIS_F) - Independiente (DDANIEL)9.007.551.141.164.661
 Rosario Central (CASSIANO_F) - Racing (ARG) (FEL_JERO)1.634.203.731.213.991
00:00 Independiente (DDANIEL) - Racing (ARG) (FEL_JERO)1.295.496.221.213.991
 Newells Old Boys (VINICAI_) - Boca Juniors (AU_GUSTO)6.225.491.291.125.241