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Friday 7 August 2020, UKT
E-Soccer E-Soccer, GT-26 Leagues
18:00 AC Milan (VAL) - Leipzig (PANICA)1.944.022.811.362.911
 FC Kopenhagen (AIBOTHARD) - Juventus FC (BEN)
 Trabzonspor (ANG) - SSC Napoli (GOSAS)2.695.151.811.057.661
18:20 Besiktas (VASM) - Paris Saint Germain (SAM)1.974.442.581.174.511
 Fenerbahce Istanbul (MITCHEF) - Ajax Amsterdam (COBRA4)2.404.552.071.105.731
 Olympique Marseille (Legolas) - Celtic Glasgow (PANTOVITS)2.585.031.871.048.261
18:40 Ajax Amsterdam (COBRA4) - Olympique Marseille (Legolas)1.296.695.161.105.731
 Celtic Glasgow (PANTOVITS) - Besiktas (VASM)
 Juventus FC (BEN) - Fenerbahce Istanbul (MITCHEF)2.624.431.951.174.511
19:00 Arsenal FC (MARLEY) - AC Milan (VAL)3.634.721.581.263.471
 Leipzig (PANICA) - Trabzonspor (ANG)2.224.462.241.164.661
 SSC Napoli (GOSAS) - FC Kopenhagen (AIBOTHARD)1.365.
19:20 FC Kopenhagen (AIBOTHARD) - Leipzig (PANICA)4.364.001.561.582.231
 Fenerbahce Istanbul (MITCHEF) - SSC Napoli (GOSAS)2.914.771.771.125.241
 Trabzonspor (ANG) - Arsenal FC (MARLEY)1.784.762.861.115.471
19:40 Besiktas (VASM) - Ajax Amsterdam (COBRA4)2.224.302.281.204.101
 Olympique Marseille (Legolas) - Juventus FC (BEN)4.424.971.441.174.511
 Paris Saint Germain (SAM) - Celtic Glasgow (PANTOVITS)1.515.893.461.0110.991
20:00 Ajax Amsterdam (COBRA4) - Paris Saint Germain (SAM)1.954.862.491.067.161
 Juventus FC (BEN) - Besiktas (VASM)2.924.251.841.273.441
 SSC Napoli (GOSAS) - Olympique Marseille (Legolas)1.196.657.761.105.731
20:20 AC Milan (VAL) - Trabzonspor (ANG)1.874.942.611.067.161
 Arsenal FC (MARLEY) - FC Kopenhagen (AIBOTHARD)1.903.862.981.492.441
 Leipzig (PANICA) - Fenerbahce Istanbul (MITCHEF)2.183.922.461.372.861
20:40 FC Kopenhagen (AIBOTHARD) - AC Milan (VAL)5.204.871.381.283.361
 Fenerbahce Istanbul (MITCHEF) - Arsenal FC (MARLEY)1.884.222.841.283.361
 Olympique Marseille (Legolas) - Leipzig (PANICA)6.845.081.291.343.011
21:00 Besiktas (VASM) - SSC Napoli (GOSAS)2.744.371.901.213.991
 Celtic Glasgow (PANTOVITS) - Ajax Amsterdam (COBRA4)
 Paris Saint Germain (SAM) - Juventus FC (BEN)2.034.662.431.096.021
21:20 Juventus FC (BEN) - Celtic Glasgow (PANTOVITS)1.615.443.181.038.981
 Leipzig (PANICA) - Besiktas (VASM)2.483.622.271.552.301
 SSC Napoli (GOSAS) - Paris Saint Germain (SAM)1.695.
21:40 AC Milan (VAL) - Fenerbahce Istanbul (MITCHEF)1.834.532.821.174.511