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Wednesday 21 October 2020, UKT
E-Soccer, GT-26 Leagues
01:40 Atletico Madrid (CAPTAINX) - Chelsea FC (TOMMY)2.924.101.871.352.961
 Bayern München (MOEBIUS) - CF Valencia (BILLIOT)1.535.013.741.125.241
 Manchester City FC (POLI) - Tottenham Hotspur (KOT)2.023.952.691.412.701
02:00 Arsenal FC (MARLEY) - Bayern München (MOEBIUS)
 CF Valencia (BILLIOT) - Manchester City FC (POLI)3.184.781.681.125.241
 Tottenham Hotspur (KOT) - Atletico Madrid (CAPTAINX)2.744.051.971.362.911
02:20 FC Kopenhagen (AIBOTHARD) - Juventus (Ben)2.383.962.231.382.821
 Lokomotiv Moscow (BURTON) - Fenerbahce Istanbul (MITCHEF)2.864.491.821.194.221
 Olympique Marseille (Legolas) - Besiktas (VASM)4.164.881.481.194.221
03:00 Feyenord Rotterdam (JOHNYBEGOOD) - Sporting Lissabon (RAFA)8.916.851.161.115.471
03:20 Celtic Glasgow (PANTOVITS) - Liverpool FC (TANTO)1.275.756.371.174.511
03:40 Liverpool FC (TANTO) - SS Lazio (CLIFF)6.705.501.271.263.521
04:00 Manchester United FC (KASANDRA) - Roma (REAPER)2.555.021.891.067.161
04:20 Feyenord Rotterdam (JOHNYBEGOOD) - Manchester United FC (KASANDRA)1.924.922.521.076.721
05:20 Manchester United FC (KASANDRA) - PAOK (ANDRE)1.784.892.841.086.351
 Roma (REAPER) - Feyenord Rotterdam (JOHNYBEGOOD)2.164.492.301.154.841
05:40 Olympique Lyonnais (APOLLO) - Manchester United FC (KASANDRA)2.625.031.851.067.161
 PAOK (ANDRE) - Roma (REAPER)3.584.811.581.164.661
06:40 Feyenord Rotterdam (JOHNYBEGOOD) - PAOK (ANDRE)1.634.703.411.184.361
 Manchester United FC (KASANDRA) - Celtic Glasgow (PANTOVITS)2.625.281.821.038.981
 Roma (REAPER) - Olympique Lyonnais (APOLLO)1.654.903.231.105.731
07:00 Celtic Glasgow (PANTOVITS) - Roma (REAPER)2.134.882.241.076.721
 Olympique Lyonnais (APOLLO) - Feyenord Rotterdam (JOHNYBEGOOD)3.184.781.681.125.241
 SS Lazio (CLIFF) - Manchester United FC (KASANDRA)1.844.902.681.057.661
08:00 Feyenord Rotterdam (JOHNYBEGOOD) - Celtic Glasgow (PANTOVITS)2.284.782.121.086.351
 PAOK (ANDRE) - Olympique Lyonnais (APOLLO)2.374.452.111.174.511
 Roma (REAPER) - SS Lazio (CLIFF)2.254.682.161.105.731
08:20 Celtic Glasgow (PANTOVITS) - PAOK (ANDRE)1.565.103.531.086.351
 SS Lazio (CLIFF) - Feyenord Rotterdam (JOHNYBEGOOD)2.124.592.331.125.241
08:40 Liverpool FC (TANTO) - Manchester United FC (KASANDRA)4.785.301.381.164.661
09:00 Roma (REAPER) - Liverpool FC (TANTO)
09:20 Olympique Lyonnais (APOLLO) - Celtic Glasgow (PANTOVITS)
 PAOK (ANDRE) - SS Lazio (CLIFF)3.514.941.581.135.031
09:40 Liverpool FC (TANTO) - Feyenord Rotterdam (JOHNYBEGOOD)6.695.161.291.313.171
 SS Lazio (CLIFF) - Olympique Lyonnais (APOLLO)1.625.
10:40 Celtic Glasgow (PANTOVITS) - SS Lazio (CLIFF)2.194.892.191.057.661
 PAOK (ANDRE) - Liverpool FC (TANTO)1.634.203.731.392.781
11:00 Liverpool FC (TANTO) - Olympique Lyonnais (APOLLO)3.814.451.581.293.301