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Friday 10 July 2020, UKT
E-Soccer E-Soccer, FIFA 20 World Cup
16:13 Mexico (CarlWhizzer) Esports - Austria (Quavo) Esports-----0
16:14 Belgium (bobby) - France (olom)-----0
16:15 Brazil (Ishking11) Esports - Portugal (stdm)-----0
16:28 Belgium (BoBBY) Esports - Portugal (stdm)-----0
16:30 Mexico (CarlWhizzer) Esports - Denmark (SpursMax) Esports-----0
16:42 Denmark (SpursMax) Esports - Switzerland (Indra13_27) Esports-----0
 Portugal (Stdm) Esports - Germany (Kiser) Esports-----0
16:43 France (olom) - Brazil (Ishking11) Esports-----0
16:57 Belgium (BoBBY) Esports - Germany (Kiser) Esports2.083.902.65--3
 Denmark (SpursMax) Esports - Austria (Quavo) Esports9.057.781.14--3
 Mexico (CarlWhizzer) Esports - Switzerland (Indra13 27) Esports1.315.406.00--3
 Portugal (Stdm) Esports - France (Olom) Esports6.605.111.30--2
17:12 Belgium (BoBBY) Esports - Brazil (Ishking11) Esports2.853.951.98--3
 Germany (Kiser) Esports - France (Olom) Esports2.093.852.66--3
 Mexico (carlwhizzer) - Poland (gohome)1.434.954.70--2
 Switzerland (Indra13 27) Esports - Austria (Quavo) Esports6.616.001.25--3