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Monday 1 June 2020, UKT
E-Soccer E-Soccer, Liga Pro
07:30 TES Tundra - PWR Pele Warriors1.993.843.751.552.657
 Tundra (TES) eSoccer - Pele Warriors (PWR) eSoccer-----0
 Tundra (TES) Esports - Pele Warriors (PWR) Esports-----0
07:55 Catalonia FC (CFC) eSoccer - WestCoastUNT (WCU) eSoccer-----0
 Catalonia FC (CFC) Esports - WestCoastUTD (WCU) Esports-----0
 CFC Catalonia FC - Westcoastunt1.894.103.751.323.257
08:20 TES Tundra - RUB FC Kazan2.433.942.651.433.207
 Tundra (TES) eSoccer - Kazan (RUB) eSoccer-----0
 Tundra (TES) Esports - Kazan (RUB) Esports-----0
08:45 Pele Warriors (PWR) eSoccer - WestCoastUNT (WCU) eSoccer-----0
 Pele Warriors (PWR) Esports - WestCoastUTD (WCU) Esports-----0
 PWR Pele Warriors - Westcoastunt4.004.101.891.353.207
09:10 Kazan (RUB) eSoccer - Catalonia FC (CFC) eSoccer-----0
 Kazan (RUB) Esports - Catalonia FC (CFC) Esports-----0
 RUB FC Kazan - CFC Catalonia FC4.504.201.801.353.207
09:35 WestCoastUNT (WCU) eSoccer - Tundra (TES) eSoccer-----0
 Westcoastunt - TES Tundra1.963.843.751.452.757
 WestCoastUTD (WCU) Esports - Tundra (TES) Esports-----0
10:00 Kazan (RUB) eSoccer - Pele Warriors (PWR) eSoccer-----0
 Kazan (RUB) Esports - Pele Warriors (PWR) Esports-----0
 RUB FC Kazan - PWR Pele Warriors2.203.703.201.552.507
10:25 Catalonia FC (CFC) eSoccer - Tundra (TES) eSoccer-----0
 Catalonia FC (CFC) Esports - Tundra (TES) Esports-----0
 CFC Catalonia FC - TES Tundra1.904.004.001.403.107
10:50 Pele Warriors (PWR) eSoccer - Catalonia FC (CFC) eSoccer-----0
 Pele Warriors (PWR) Esports - Catalonia (CFC) Esports4.004.001.741.422.765
 Pele Warriors (PWR) Esports - Catalonia FC (CFC) Esports-----0
 Pwr Pele Warriors Fifa - CfC Catalonia Fifa-----0
 PWR Pele Warriors - CFC Catalonia FC4.004.001.641.382.851
 PWR Pele Warriors - CFC Catalonia FC3.744.021.661.402.721
11:15 WestCoastUNT (WCU) eSoccer - Kazan (RUB) eSoccer-----0
 Westcoastunt - RUB FC Kazan2.093.803.251.452.757
 WestCoastUTD (WCU) Esports - Kazan (RUB) Esports-----0
14:30 VEG (Zaporozhets M.M.) - INA (Pavlenko E.S.)1.315.508.00--3
14:50 AS Roma [FC Dimonchello] - AC Milan [Team Ruspro]4.503.901.691.452.554
15:10 VEG (Zaporozhets M.M.) - RLB (Puryuvkin P.A.)1.554.004.90--1
 Zaporozhets (VEG) Bayern M - Puryuvkin (RLB) Wolfsburg1.594.
15:30 INA (Pavlenko E.S.) - R11 (Urazbahtin R.A.)
 Inactivetv (INA) - TEAM RUSPRO (R11)6.504.301.461.432.602
15:50 Puryuvkin (RLB) Wolfsburg - Katykin (DNK) Roma2.374.002.45--3
 RLB (Puryuvkin P.A.) - DNK (Katikin D.N.)2.303.902.45--1
16:10 R11 (Urazbahtin R.A.) - VEG (Zaporozhets M.M.)
 TEAM RUSPRO (R11) - VEGA SQUADRON (VEG)5.504.301.561.482.453
16:30 RLB (Puryuvkin P.A.) - INA (Pavlenko E.S.)1.724.003.75--1
 ROYAL BEARS (RLB) - Inactivetv (INA)1.774.003.901.204.002
16:50 DNK (Katikin D.N.) - VEG (Zaporozhets M.M.)6.104.301.40--1
 Katykin (DNK) Roma - Zaporozhets (VEG) Bayern M6.504.301.471.253.503
17:10 INA (Pavlenko E.S.) - DNK (Katikin D.N.)4.304.001.62--1
 Inactivetv (INA) - FC Dimonchello (DNK)4.404.001.671.204.002
17:30 R11 (Urazbahtin R.A.) - RLB (Puryuvkin P.A.)1.903.503.50--1
 Urazbakhtin (R11) Milan - Puryuvkin (RLB) Wolfsburg1.973.503.601.333.003