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Wednesday 12 August 2020, UKT
E-Soccer E-Soccer, Liga Pro
06:30 Ajax (Gambit Esports) - Arsenal (TUNDRA)-----0
 Gambit Esports - TES (Sagitov D.R.)
06:55 Chelsea (NyanCat FC) - Barcelona (CATALONIA FC)-----0
 NFC (Kostin A.M.) - CFC (Skuratov P.S.)2.123.703.001.402.753
07:20 Ajax (Gambit Esports) - AC Milan (DAGES CF)-----0
 Gambit Esports - Dages CF (DAG)1.664.754.001.293.504
07:45 Arsenal (TUNDRA) - Barcelona (CATALONIA FC)-----0
 TES Tundra - CFC Catalonia FC3.304.001.921.352.924
08:10 AC Milan (DAGES CF) - Chelsea (NyanCat FC)-----0
 Urazbakhtin (DAG) Dages CF - Kostin (NFC) Chelsea4.524.501.571.812.054
08:35 Barcelona (CATALONIA FC) - Ajax (Gambit Esports)-----0
 Skuratov (SFC) Barcelona - Halilov (GMB) Ajax1.924.253.10--3
09:00 AC Milan (DAGES CF) - Arsenal (TUNDRA)-----0
 DAG (Urazbahtin R.A.) - TES (Sagitov D.R.)2.653.702.321.742.114
09:25 Chelsea (NyanCat FC) - Ajax (Gambit Esports)-----0
 NYANCAT FC (NFC) - GAMBIT ESPORTS (GMB)2.453.752.471.742.113
09:50 Arsenal (TUNDRA) - Chelsea (NyanCat FC)-----0
 TES (Sagitov D.R.) - NFC (Kostin A.M.)3.233.851.971.442.704
10:15 Barcelona (CATALONIA FC) - AC Milan (DAGES CF)-----0
 CFC (Skuratov P.S.) - DAG (Urazbahtin R.A.)1.723.804.301.742.114
13:30 RUB FC Kazan - VEG Vega Squadron2.804.
13:55 Westcoastunt - Kab Kabush2.123.952.861.412.854
14:20 Kazan (RUB) Esports - Shemyakin Onze (PSG) Esports1.574.404.651.293.504
14:45 VEG (Zaporozhets M.M.) - KAB (Klenov A.V.)2.423.602.601.352.954
15:10 PSG (Shemyakin D.O.) - WCU (Brenev V.P.)3.504.351.771.234.053
15:35 Kab Kabush - Rub FC Kazan2.903.902.071.352.954
 KabUSH (Klenov Anton) - KAZAN (Zhukov Anton)-----0
16:00 PSG (Shemyakin D.O.) - VEG (Zaporozhets M.M.)3.004.301.971.293.453
16:25 Benev (WCU) Borussia D - Zhukov (RUB) Liverpool1.974.
16:50 Zaporozhets (VEG) Bayern M - Benev (WCU) Borussia D3.003.852.071.293.353
17:15 KAB (Klenov A.V.) - PSG (Shemyakin D.O.)1.973.703.301.742.114