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Wednesday 21 October 2020, UKT
E-Soccer, Liga Pro
06:30 IM Not Over (PNZ) Esports - Catalonia FC (CFC) Esports-----0
06:55 FIN (Gordeichik A.I.) - MEG (Belyakov E.)3.304.201.80--1
 FIN Fints - MEG Megapolice3.264.131.751.273.451
 Fints (FIN) Esports - Megapolice (MEG) Esports-----0
 Fints (FIN) - Megapolice (MEG)3.364.241.811.233.701
 Fints (Gordeichik Anton) - MEG (Belyakov Egor)-----0
 Gordeychik (FIN) Marseille - Belyakov (MEG) Tottenham3.403.951.851.233.701
 Marseilles (Fints) - Tottenham (MEGAPOLICE)-----0
07:20 Bayern Munich (IM NOT OVER) - Monaco (TABULA RASA)-----0
 IM Not Over (PNZ) Esports - Tabula Rasa (TBR) Esports-----0
 Im Not Over (PNZ) - TABULA RASA (TBR)1.824.303.32--1
 PNZ (Zaporozhets M.) - TBR (Pavlenko E.)1.804.203.30--1
 PNZ IM Not Over - TBR Tabula Rasa1.794.
 Zaporozhets (PNZ) Bayern M - Pavlenko (TBR) Monaco1.954.153.00--1
07:45 Barcelona (CATALONIA FC) - Tottenham (MEGAPOLICE)-----0
 Catalonia FC (CFC) Esports - Megapolice (MEG) Esports-----0
 CFC Catalonia FC - MEG Megapolice2.313.962.301.263.521
09:50 Barcelona (CATALONIA FC) - Marseilles (Fints)-----0
 Catalonia FC (CFC) Esports - Fints (FIN) Esports-----0
 CATALONIA FC (CFC) - Fints (FIN)2.384.102.381.233.701
 CFC (Skuratov P.S.) - FIN (Gordeichik A.I.)2.354.002.35--1
 CFC Catalonia FC - FIN Fints2.313.952.311.253.551
 Skuratov (SFC) Barcelona - Gordeychik (FIN) Marseille2.354.202.351.233.701
13:30 Halilov (XAL) Ajax - Kostin (NFC) Man. City3.403.951.851.382.801
14:20 Halilov (XAL) Ajax - Amoyan (EZ1) Atletico M2.104.252.651.253.551
 XAL (Halilov A.) - EZ1 (Amoyan A.A.)
 XAL Xalinho FC - EZ1 Ez1d 112.043.952.661.263.521
 Xalinho FC (XAL) Esports - Ez1d (EZ1) Esports-----0
 Xalinho FC (XAL) - EZ1D 11 (EZ1)
14:45 Kostin (NFC) Man. City - Shemyakin (PSG) PSG1.953.753.251.402.751
15:10 Amoyan (EZ1) Atletico M - Benev (CFI) Borussia D3.504.051.801.432.601
 EZ1 (Amoyan A.A.) - CFi (Brenev N.)3.553.801.80--1
 EZ1 Ez1d 11 - CFI Confession3.473.801.761.432.641
 Ez1d (EZ1) Esports - Confession (CFI) Esports-----0
 EZ1D 11 (EZ1) - Confession (CFI)3.583.941.811.432.601
16:25 Benev (CFI) Borussia D - Halilov (XAL) Ajax2.004.052.95--1
 CFi (Brenev N.) - XAL (Halilov A.)1.804.303.20--1
 CFI Confession - XAL Xalinho FC1.764.383.091.145.011
 Confession (CFI) Esports - Xalinho FC (XAL) Esports-----0
 Confession (CFI) - Xalinho FC (XAL)1.824.543.17--1