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Friday 30 October 2020, UKT
E-Soccer FIFA Battle, International
08:58 Argentina (LaikingDast) - Netherlands (Slezaintima)---4-245'0
13:10 Germany (Olle) - Belgium (Pablik)---0-084'0
22:04 Belgium (Fearggwp) - France (Xshilito)---0-16'0
 Belgium (Fearggwp) - France (Xshilito)---0-150'0
 Belgium (FEARGGWP) - France (xShilito)---0-1n/a0
 Brazil (GenaD) Esports - Portugal (BlackStar98) Esports---0-14'0
 Brazil (GenaD) - Portugal (BlackStar98)---0-1n/a0
 Brazil (Genad) - Portugal (Blackstar98)---0-15'0
 Brazília (Genad) - Portugal (Blackstar98)---0-149'0
22:40 Brazil (Genad) - Germany (Flewless_phoenix)---1-28'0
23:04 Belgicko (FEARGGWP) - Francúzsko (xShilito)8.503.151.480-1HT1
 Belgium (FEARGGWP) - France (xShilito)---0-145'0
 Belgium (FEARGGWP) - France (xShilito)---0-152'0
 Brazil (GenaD) - Portugal (BlackStar98)---0-145'0
 Brazil (GenaD) - Portugal (BlackStar98)---0-146'0
 Brazília (GenaD) - Portugalsko (BlackStar98)10.503.501.370-1n/a1
23:05 Brazil (genad) - Portugal (blackstar98)'1