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Odds on your site

"Odds on your site" is an excellent tool any webmaster or website owner can use to increase website content value. Give your users the powerful and unique content of OddStorm! Surebets, middles and odds comparison services absolutely FREE! Checkout Webmasters page.

Polish Middles

OddStorm is proud to announce "Polish Middles" product. "Polish Middles" are well known but also unique product on the market. We are glad that OddStorm clients are first to have it. Soon we will publish a document of what "Polish Middles" are and how you can benefit from them.

Faster than ever

Trying to be market leader in odd calculations, OddStorm made significant hardware and software improvements. No more feeling of "heavy serving", especially weekends.

Partnership - Odds-on-your-site

If you are webmaster or a web site owner, think about giving your users the powerful content of OddStorm and give them surebets and odds comparison services absolutely FREE!
All you have to do is to add customized iframe.
For more information, visit Webmasters page.

Partnership - Webmasters

Webmasters and owners of web sites can request a partner link exchange
We will contact every approved request. Partner links can be found listed in "Partner Sites" section at the bottom left corner of every OddStorm site page.
Please send a short e-mail to containing
  • Your web site url
  • Short description of your target customers profile
  • Your oppinion of how a text link exchange can help each other
Thank you for your interest.

Partnership - Bookmakers

Please, contact us at for more information.
Thank you for your interest.